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Antop Mission

Antop Antenna was founded in 1980 with the sole purpose of making the world’s best free 4K and 8K HDTV solutions. Located today in Shenzhen China, our family of antenna specialists have dedicated their lives to researching and patenting over the air radio wave technology. Antop employees are the foundation of our continuous innovation and success.
We have consistently made the world's best antennas for 40 years and are a world leader in designing, manufacturing, distributing and selling antennas. Digital TV Antennas have resurfaced in today's market as essential smart home hardware which are able to operate autonomously.

ANTOP Master Craftsmanship

The founder’s early focus on quality and innovation helped mold Antop into the company we are today. Antop antenna collaborates with some of the world’s largest brands and retailers in order to bring Over-The-Air (OTA) technology back to consumers. Our top-of-the-line digital antennas are a reliable and inexpensive way for people to stream their local content straight to their home. Antop antennas are not a typical household product; they have emerged as an essential smart home upgrade. Think about all the time you and your family spend in front of the TV during the holidays or special events throughout the year. Not many products in today’s subscription-based market can offer a true lifetime value like our antennas do. These are not the traditional bulky roof mounted antennas. All Antop indoor and outdoor antennas are modernly designed and built to perform better than the antennas of the past.

ANTOP Core advantage

Established in 1980, ANTOP has become the largest manufacturers and exporters

Antop’s 40 years of consistent business excellence built our prestigious reputation in the industry. Antop’s numerous patents and design awards are proof that our antennas are the industries leader. Antop builds all antennas from start to finish with no 3rd party parts or assembly involved. Antop is dedicated to maintaining the high-quality control standards during the entire manufacturing process. Antop’s commitment to building the worlds best antennas is what sets us apart from the pack. Today we have founded two factories, of which the total floor space reaches 110,000 square meters. with more than 1,200 staffs employed. Under the help of SMT machine for PCB assembly, our monthly output reaches 900,000 units. All our 35 production lines and the whole production process strictly adhere to the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Control Systems, which ensures the products out-standing, stable performance, and honor CE, GS, RoHS, R&TTE, RED, FCC, UL and Prop65 certificates.

We attach great importance to research and innovate. Over US$2,500,000 is invested in R&D activities every year. With strong design and R&D capacity, we have new products launched every month. Meanwhile, We can customize new product according to customer's demand. More than 50 professional engineers are constantly responding to new technological are regulatory quality. This enables ANTOP to respond faster to market than the competitors. It is not just design, It is product development and management. The R&D department is fully integrated in the company's manufacturing processes,controlling all the variables in the full product cycle .


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