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ANTOP has a success in the 2016(Autumn)Canton Fair

ANTOP has a success in the 2016(Autumn)Canton Fair


From Oct.15th to 19th,ANTOP has attended again the 120th Canton Fair,the biggest trade fair in china.With 36 year’s in the TV signal reception,ANTOP has great innovation and technology for the development,Much to our client’s surprise,for this fair ANTOP has launched a lot of new technology TV antennas,just like collection series antennas,which enjoys great interests from clients worldwide.As tradition,indoor/outdoor TV antennas as well as multiswitches,amplifiers,RF modulator and splitter etc.With top quality,fashionable design and creative idea are shown with lot of attractive eyes.Also RV and marine TV antennas attract great popularity among our clients.In the current unfavorable economic situation,besides the traditional markets ,new markets like Asian,Middle East,South American and African support ANTOP a lot.

ANTOP is always seeking to offer clients with best products and best after sales service.

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